About ByteProof Media

ByteProof Media is the combination of previous websites and services authored and provided by Kevin Wilkins.

Kevin started providing website design and development services in 2013 to provide affordable solutions that are accessible to all.
Previously, Kevin provided photographic services under the name of K Squared Photography, these services will continue to be offered as part of ByteProof Media and will also include Kevin's interest in videography.

ByteProof Media take pride in ensuring the customer is satisfied, this is a multistep process.

  • A final price is provided before we start the project
  • Only accept projects that can be completed within budget and time constraints
  • Provide provisional start and finish dates, and keep the customer informed on progress
  • Ensure that the customer is not overwhelmed by technical terminology
  • Work with customers after the project to ensure ongoing satisfaction

Why choose ByteProof Media

ByteProof Media strives to ensure that complete satisfaction is achieved. We aim to do this by ensuring that all work we provide is tested thoroughly, ensuring that mistakes are found and resolved.

Testing websites is often a long process, problems can remain hidden even after rigorous testing. We provide a complimentary troubleshooting period after your website project is complete.
We refer to this as Website Maintenance and for peace of mind you can extend the service for an additional fee.

Our testing process will verify the appearance and function, of websites, across multiple devices and software packages, depending on the project. We are able to test website compatibility across all major platforms, on PCs, Macs, Phones and Tablets.
The wide variety of testing helps to ensure that any design work can be viewed correctly on the majority of devices.

The future of web technologies, computing devices and user interaction are all passionate topics at ByteProof Media. However, while we are able to offer a lot of these features, many are not supported in older devices/software packages.
We will do our best to ensure you benefit from these technologies and ensure that all necessary functionality remains without the new technologies.

Interest in website design will ensure that any photographic or videographic work is provided with a viewable page online, although this service may incur an additional charge depending on your requirements.

We bring together a wide skill-set to provide a competent and reliable service. With experience in print media, digital media and software development, ByteProof Media can provide customers with a solution that is more than just a design.