ByteProof Media Privacy Information

ByteProof Media do not currently use cookies or session tracking. We plan to implement analytical tracking and social media, when we do visitors will be notifed upon visitng the website.

ByteProof Media will require personal data in order to complete projects and provide invoices. This data will be limited to contact information such as: Name, Address, telephone numbers and email addresses. All information will be stored and used in accordance to the Data Protect Act. Full details can be found by following the links below, where you are able to view or download the document.
No payment information will be stored directly, electronic payments will be made through external services such as PayPal or Bank Transfer.

In addition to the information above, and relevant links below, ByteProof Media are likely to be handling information sensitive to your business/website. This information will be stored and used in accordance to the Data Protection Act, and additionally used for the production and publication of your website as per your requirements.
Due to the nature of this information, ByteProof Media wish to express the willingness to sign documentation which details the limitations and expectations on the use of any data provided for the website.