Website Services

Website design and development is a world full of adventure and mystery.

Every customer has a different requirement, a different level of expertise and we appreciate that, for some, this can be a very bewildering experience.
That is why we have created a breakdown of our services, in plain english, to guide and inform you.

If you are unsure about anything, have an unanswered question, or wish to contact us directly, please visit our Contact Page.

Package Deals from £199

We provide Package Deals designed to get your website setup and save you money. All of our package deals offer great value for money and can be customised for your requirements.
We provide premade packages for Blogs, Forums, Shops and CMSs. Other packages can be created and save you up to 20% on the cost of our services.

Blogs and Forums

We have a package ideal for setting up a new blog or forum.

This package includes Basic Website Setup and Full Theme Customisation.

CMSs and Shops

For CMSs and Shops we extend our package to include Email Templates, along side the Basic Website Setup and Full Theme Customisation.

Website and Theme Design from £59 £49

We provide design services that focus on the look and feel of the website.

A theme is used to provide the look and feel for website applications, such as Blogs, Forums, Shops, CMSs, etc...

The design allows visitors to look at your content, make purchases and much more...

A good design will ensure visitors can access your site content with ease and on any device. We ensure our designs work across a variety of devices and screen sizes.

Services Offered:

  • Website Design,
  • Theme Design,
  • and
  • Mobile Themes.

Services Offered:
Website Design, Theme Design, and Mobile Themes.

Website Development from £49

We provide development services that focus on the features and functions of the website, the bits and bobs that make the website work.

On your website, this is the most important aspect for yourself and/or your staff, as it allows you to provide the required function to your visitors.

We can provide alterations to customise existing features and functions, create custom features and functions, and setup commonly used website software.

Example code

/* Swap Variables */

int x, y;
x = 15;
y = 14;

a[x] ^= a[y];
a[y] ^= a[x];
a[x] ^= a[y];

/* End of Swap Variables */

Email Templates from £49

From: Sales Team
Subject: Your Email Template

ByteProof Media

We can produce email templates for your newsletters, member/customer communications and more...

Email templates will help promote your website/brand and often reflect a website design.
We can work with a current website design or produce a unique design for your email template.

When you enquire about email templates, please provide details on the purpose of the email templates.

Website Setup (Blogs, Forums, CMSs, Shops, etc...) from £69

We provide installation and setup services designed to get your website up and running.

Basic Setup

Setup and verify website on correct URL/s.
Set languages for viewing website.
Introduction to using the website, links to user guides and email support for one month.

Full Setup

Basic setup plus:
User groups checked and tailored for website.
Plugins/features installed and tested.
Advanced features setup and tested.
 e.g. Shopping, newsletters, etc...

Website Maintenance from £49

We offer a supportive website maintenance package.
This includes updating your website, updating themes to ensure they remain compatible on current and future web browsers and devices, creating backups of your website, upgrading the software that powers your website (we strongly advise that this is not done automatically) and you will receive a discount on all services we provide during your maintenance period.

We will not store any of your confidential website data on our computer systems.
Full information can be found in our Website Maintenance Terms & Conditions which can be found on our Terms & Conditions page.